Hmm, why should we get Kris to help us buy our next home?


- No pressure! We will buy on your schedule, I will never pressure you to make an offer. If you want to see every home on the market, we wil see every home; if it takes months to find the right property, we will spend the time. No stone will be left unturned, no shortcuts taken. 


- Never miss out on a new listing. In an active market nicer properties can and will sell in a day or two; I scan the market 4 times a day and will forward you any new listings immediately so we will never lose these gems of the neighbourhood. This Realtor is on the ball. :) 


- Talk to me, I’ll respond! One of the most common complaints with real estate agents is that they’re hard to contact and communicate with. Not with Kris! Email, call, text, BBM or message me in the morning, afternoon, evening and night and I will reply promptly; it’s my promise to you.


- Personalized search results. Other agents will simply add you to what we refer to as a ”prospect match”, this is an automated MLS notification service with only limited criteria (price, types of homes, bedroom count, bathroom count, etc.) that sends you all the listings (even the ones you don’t want!) a day after they appear on MLS.

However, I will personally sort through the listings so you only see homes that fits your needs and wants and not waste your time on listings that don’t. Do you only want a 1,700 sq ft home less than 15 years of age with a professionally finished basement, have a soaker tub and walk-in closet in the master bedroom that is east facing? No problem! I’ll find that for you. Would you like to know the cultural demographic breakdown for each listing’s immediate neighbourhood and the home’s proximity to power lines? I will inform you of that as well!


- I’m knowledgeable about the area and transaction history. You’re probably thinking ”but Kris, isn’t this expected? I mean it’s the job of Realtors to be knowledgeable right?”. That’s what I thought too! But unfortunately it’s just not the way it is. Pick a couple of other similar listings and quiz other agents and see if  they know what features those homes have and how much similar properties have been selling for. See what happens.


- This sounds too good to be true, Kris must be making this up... Nope, ask me for references! My past clients usually becomes my advocates & personal friends; they will vouch for the person that I am and the work I do. Please don't hesitate to ask :) 

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